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How do you call yourself a fan if you flat out insult your idols. Literally stop. Get out of this fandom.


wow someone just commented on hwangssabu’s instagram asking him to help cl. another fan asked what happened to her and she replied ‘cl got fat’.

i mean



first they tweet ssabu about gd getting fat (when it’s a good thing cos at least he’s healthy despite overworking himself) and ssabu got pissed and told off fans not to be rude and started blocking those who were

+ oh they even said gd was eating his feelings cos he was sad and asked him to stop

It’s almost 3AM and idk if anything I said made sense

Hi there :) I've seen a lot about the whole 'loof' incident recently and how BAP fans are upset and it got me thinking... It's just that as a VIP it really contrasts to how the fans treat BB members when they speak English. I mean, we laugh at the things that Seungri says all the time and it's all taken in good nature. I was just wondering if you have some thoughts on why the situation might be so different? (u always have good incite when discussing these things) -a genuinely curious anon ^^'

I’m gonna start off by saying that earlier (a few years ago), I admit that I did giggle at Seungri’s faulty English because I thought the stuff he said was cute (plus even his own band members (GDYB mainly) made fun of him). But as I became older, I reflected on my life and I realized that I hate when people laugh at my pronunciations (I am Asian and white people used to tease me a lot because of how I pronounced or phrased things), I hate when people mock my inability to speak a language— why should I laugh at someone who is trying so hard to learn something new, right? I understood my faults and changed myself.
Anyway. Seungri and Himchan are similar (they both even had a “loof” incident that stuck out to people) in that they REALLY love their fans and try very hard in learning different languages BUT they are different in how they react to how people see them, I think.
Seungri is a people-pleaser so he strives to improve himself by taking in criticism and proving them wrong. For example, Jiyong said that Seungri’s Japanese sucked, and now Seungri is practically fluent. Additionally, I feel like since Seungri has been in the entertainment business longer and he really just has a stubborn personality, he can brush off comments like this easily. He’s a really confident person. In fact, he kinda embraced the comments by acknowledging that fans refer to his English as “Seunglish”. (Not saying it’s okay to make fun of Seungri’s English though. Even confident people can hurt. I don’t even know how anyone could make fun of him, now. He speaks so well.)
Himchan, on the other hand, is more sensitive. I’m not saying that he is weak, or that he isn’t as professional as Seungri, or anything of that sort. I feel like he takes “criticism” (if you could call it that) harshly just because his personality is like that. When fans told him he was gaining weight, he either stopped eating or went on an extreme diet. He had to re-record Hurricane because he was hurt and possibly ashamed that he didn’t say roof in the correct manner. Basically, he isn’t a very confident guy, despite the attitude he shows on camera usually, probably because of his past.
The difference is, the discomfort is apparent with Himchan. And their personalities at the core are different.
As fans, we need to respect his sensitivity. If he is uncomfortable with jokes and the reference in general, we shouldn’t keep bringing it back.
I hope this answers what you were asking ^^;


people talking about zelo stripping and twerking what the fuck is going on—

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Zelo: We have 4 songs left.
Daehyun: Shit.